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Ing. Magnus Lincoln Quarshie, FGhIE

CEO, Delin Consult Ltd

Ing. Magnus Lincoln Quarshie FGhIE, CEO of Delin Consult Ltd., has over 27 years of experience as a civil engineer. He holds an MBA in Leadership & Sustainability from the Robert Kennedy College/University of Cumbria, Ambleside, UK; MSc. Transportation & Road Engineering from TU/IHE Delft, The Netherlands and BSc. Civil Engineering from KNUST. Also, he is a certified Leadership Speaker and Trainer (Engineering/Road Safety). Ing. Quarshie has been involved in several road infrastructure projects where he helped make key decisions at all phases of infrastructure project development. He has served as Team Leader for key transport planning and public transport initiatives for World Bank projects, and he has made key contributions to the development of a Strategic Environmental Assessment for the Ghana National Transport Policy (GNTP) and the Savannah Accelerated Development Authority (SADA). In June, 2013, he was selected by EMBARQ (USA) and International Development and Research Centre (Canada) as one of a few global experts to develop research topics on Active Transport (non-motorized transport). Ing. Quarshie’s special interests are in pedestrianization, cycling, and other and non-motorized transport modes in urban areas. He was the Project Manager for the Prefeasibility Study on Bus Rapid Transit (BRT), Development of a Bike Master Plan for Cape Coast Municipality, Prefeasibility Study for BRT and Cycle Ways in Accra. He has served as a review member and transportation expert on the Scoping and Impact Assessment Review Study for the national initiative titled “An Integrated Approach to Broadening Climate Change Adaptation into Sectoral Development – Transport Infrastructure”. He is a Professional Engineer, Fellow of the Ghana Institution of Engineering (GhIE), and member of the Ghana Consulting Engineers Association (GCEA). Also, he is a Past President of the GhIE and the West Africa Federation of Engineering Organizations (WAFEO).

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