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The Ghana Transportation Professionals Forum (GTPF)  founded January 2009 in Washington DC, is a group of multi-disciplinary professionals with a mission to promote innovation and sustainable developments in transportation infrastructure and related systems. The GTPF believes that its mission is critical to the long-term economic expansion of Ghana and is expressed through the following ideals:

  1. Provide research and professional advice in the areas of transportation infrastructure and related systems planning, design, construction, operations, maintenance, security, ethics, environmental protection, and excellence in professional practice.

  2. Provide a global platform for public expression and information exchange.

  3. Foster creative collaborations with public and private agencies, communities, and academia regarding transportation- related issues.


Regional Transportation Research and Education Center (TRECK)

The Transportation Research Centre, Kumasi (TRECK) is the expansion of the existing Road and Transportation Engineering Programme (RTEP) of the Highway and Transportation section of the Civil Engineering Department, College of Engineering of the Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology. Since RTEP’s establishment in 2004, over 200 professionals have either completed  Masters level courses or attended short courses relevant to their practice with about 10% of the trained postgraduates being drawn from countries in the  West African sub-region including Liberia, Niger and Burkina Faso. With a track record of over a decade of capacity building and applied research for the roads and transportation sectors in Ghana, the RTEP is now restructured and reconstituted into a multi-disciplinary and interdisciplinary African center of excellence (ACE) for the Sub region (TRECK) with an expanded scope of applied research and capacity building and training activities and extension of knowledge to cover the broader field of transport systems land (i.e. road and railway), air, and water transport. 

TRECK is committed to improving the transportation system in Ghana and West Africa by: 

  1. Conducting interdisciplinary research to develop, support and complement the relevant national transportation plans and strategic directions.

  2. Collaborating with fellow national and international researchers for knowledge sharing and advancement.

  3. Acting as a transport and road safety resource and training center.

  4. Acting as a center for the promotion of coordination, integration and growth of all modes of transportation.

  5. Establishing data repository and supporting national and regional policies with data led strategies.

  6. Training high caliber transportation professionals and academics with world class expertise to transform the systems in Ghana and Africa.


Ghana Institution of Engineering

The Ghana Institution of Engineering (GhIE) was officially founded in 1968 and is the professional body responsible for certifying engineering practitioners (Professional Engineers, Professional Engineering Technologists, Engineering Technicians and Engineering Craftsmen ) in Ghana.

Mission statement

To develop, promote and sustain sound and competent engineering practice in Ghana comparable to global standards.


To build and develop a strong world class professional body by promoting integrity, accountability and excellence in the practice of engineering in Ghana.

Core objectives

  • To establish and maintain a register of Engineering practitioners certified to Practice in Ghana

  • To ensure that members of the Ghana Institution of Engineering maintain Professional standards, adhere to regulations, guidelines and codes of ethics of engineering practice.

  • To ensure that engineering practice in the country conforms to established technical, environmental and safety Standards.

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