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Ing. Komla Ofori

Project Engineer, Coastal and Ports Development at GPHA, Tema

Ing. Komla Ofori is the Project Engineer, Coastal and Ports Development at GPHA, Tema, Ghana. He has an MSc in Coastal Engineering and Port Development, and Hydraulic Engineering, at Delft’s UNESCO-IHE Institute for Water Education and brief research experience with Deltares Institute, Delft. His previous positions include Facility Manager / Assistant Technical Manager at Meridian Port Services, Tema, Ghana, and Civil and Structural Engineer at CP Concrete Products Ltd. Ing Ofori’s work covers various types of coastal infrastructure – ports and all kinds of marine structures, and has been responsible for a wide variety of engineering services through all phases of development including planning, design, project portfolio development through to the supervision of consulting and construction contracts. He also oversees the operations phase, including container terminal planning, and terminal facilities management, and container crane maintenance. His professional specialties include port design and development engineering, bid evaluation analysis and procurement management, project management, research & development, quality assessment and assurance, facilitation of multi-stakeholder processes. He retains research interest in coastal and estuarine evolution, and has investigated the impacts of natural and artificial causes on estuarine morphology and hydrodynamics in the Western Scheldt. He has worked on a variety of port infrastructure projects including Tema and Takoradi Port Expansion Projects, Design and Construction of GHPA’s International Maritime Hospital, several Transit Cargo Terminals, Dedicated Reefer Terminals, Car and Vehicle Accessories Terminals at ports, Upgrade and Expansion of Port and Harbour Facilities, Procurement Management for several GPHA projects and currently the technical team leader for the GPHA’s Port Development Programmes, including the Port of Keta development.

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