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Ing. Collins Donkor

Director of the Contracts Division, Ghana Highway Authority

Ing. Collins Donkor, is the Director of the Contracts Division of the Ghana Highway Authority. He is passionate about building high performance and quality roads which brings growth and wealth to the African economy. He has spent the last 29 years after graduation serving as a public servant at the Ghana Highway Authority, and has played key roles in the planning, developing and maintenance of Ghana’s trunk road network. Since 2017, he has administered approximately 70 major rehabilitation and new construction projects that were (or are being) executed by Ghanaian and Foreign Contactors using GoG or International Funding or a combination of both sources. He served 6 years as Regional Director for the Greater Accra and Ashanti Regions maintaining roads and planning improvement in mobility in those Regions. Prior to becoming a GHA Director, he worked for 17 years in various divisions at GHA including materials, foundation and pavement testing, characterization, evaluation, and placement for the construction of highways, railways, airports, harbors and large buildings. He has presented several papers at local and international conferences and seminars.

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