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Ghana Infrastructure Conference (GIC) 2022

Theme: The role of Sustainable Transport & Infrastructure in Africa’s Post COVID-19 Recovery 

Date: 25 - 28 July, 2022

Lancaster Hotel, (Formerly Golden Tulip Hotel)

The role of Transport in connecting people, distributing goods and providing access to social, cultural and economic opportunities is critical to Africa’s development. Transport contributes to poverty alleviation efforts and in boosting shared prosperity within countries and across borders. Evidence shows that transport investments contribute both directly and indirectly to a country’s growth and prosperity profile. Some benefits transport provides include improving access to socio-economic opportunities such as healthcare, employment, and education opportunities. It also facilitates business and commercial activities through the distribution of raw materials and finished products locally and on international markets. In jurisdictions where transport provision is poor or network connectivity is inadequate, the movement of people, goods and services is characterized by high transaction costs and unattractive investments with spill-over effects on a country’s development. For developing countries with limited transport connectivity, these high transaction costs can constrain economic growth ambitions or prolong vicious cycles of poverty due to lack of access to social amenities and economic opportunities.

The Ghana Infrastructure Conference (GIC) is one unique platform for transport professionals & practitioners to brainstorm and make recommendations on opportunities and challenges facing transport and mobility in Africa. Since its inaugural event in 2018 in Accra (Ghana), GIC has offered the stage for practitioners, decision-makers, policy experts, researchers and students from Ghana, the United States and other African Countries to showcase innovation and sustainable developments in transportation and related systems. The Conference is co-hosted by the Ghana Transportation Professionals Forum (GTPF) and the Ghana Institution of Engineering (GhIE) and the Regional Transport Research and Education Centre Kumasi (TRECK) of the Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology. Building on the past two successful editions of the Conference, all three partners are excited to invite transport professionals to the upcoming Ghana Infrastructure Conference 2022 (GIC 2022). The theme for GIC 2022 which is a regional Conference for Africa is “The role of Sustainable Transport in Africa’s Post COVID-19 Recovery Economy”. The Conference will be in July 2022 in Ghana and will be an in-person event. Participants who wish to participate remotely can also do so through the Conference's online medium.

GIC 2022 will occur at a time when global efforts are targeting post-Covid19 interventions to stimulate growth in economies worldwide. It also comes at a time when climate change impacts are adversely affecting natural and built environments leading to a global recognition for societies to do more to minimize these impacts. Transport features prominently in discussions surrounding these global trends and transport systems will be challenged to provide sustainable solutions in a green and resilient post-pandemic recovery world. Though challenging, this period is also an exciting one for all transport stakeholders as it creates an opportunity to apply tools within technology, innovative financing and cutting-edge research to brainstorm approaches in providing solutions. Thus GIC 2022 is timely and will offer stakeholders the platform to contribute to global and regional efforts at enhancing transport’s role in improving efficiency in areas such as infrastructure provision, planning, supply chain and logistics, safety amongst others.


The conference will make provision for both Scientific Papers and Presentations. Scientific papers will be published in a special edition of a Journal. Papers and Presentations will cover the following (but not limited to):

  • Transport Policy

  •  Rural access and connectivity

  • Urban transport

  • Asset Management

  • Transport Safety

  • Gender and Transport

  •  Freight and Supply Chain Logistics

  • Private Sector Participation in Transport

  • Sustainable & Green Transport

  • Transport Planning

  •  Infrastructure Design and Construction

  • Transport Finance & Economics

  • COVID-19 Impacts on Transport

Who Should Attend?

Professionals, policy makers and students from diverse backgrounds interested in discussions, presentations and workshops about the socio-economic impacts of transportation and how to contribute to the development of the transportation sector and subsequently impact national development.

Why Attend?

An efficient transportation system is a critical component of a nation’s development. There will be opportunities for participants to exchange novel ideas, professional experiences, case studies, and research applications in the areas of transportation infrastructure and related systems planning, design, financing, construction, maintenance, and monitoring and explore its interdependencies with other industries. In addition, the conference will address issues related to innovation, sustainability, security, resilience, management, and ethics in transportation infrastructure development.

Objectives of GIC 2022

The Ghana Infrastructure Conference 2022 (GIC 2022)  aims to accomplish the following:

  • Create a platform where consultants, agencies, policy makers, and researchers network, deliberate and collaborate to advance sustainable and innovative solutions for transportation related and general infrastructure issues.

  • Foster and provide a conducive mechanism for practical and technical knowledge transfer.

  • Create an environment that helps to inspire and influence the current workforce and the upcoming generation.

  • Build capacity of  and collaboration among diverse professional groups, private and public agencies and academic institutions to develop and implement national infrastructure policies and plans.

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